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SMPC Advertiser

SMPC Advertiser

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  • 8 Jun 2024 9:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Sunday, June 23rd from 10 am to 12 pm, the San Mateo Parents Club is hosting a Sip + Shop event at Byrd’s Filling Station.  Thank you to Bryd’s for supporting the SMPC’s efforts to learn about how we can start minimizing plastic waste in a practical way, and for providing these helpful tips below.  Be sure to drop by the store on June 23 if you have questions or want to check out their products!

    Ever wondered what legacy you’re leaving for your children? If a plastic-free world is part of that answer, then you’ve come to the right place. 

    We are Byrd’s Filling Station, a pioneering zero waste shop and refill station located in the heart of San Mateo that was founded by a fellow San Mateo parent, Laura Porter! 

    Laura started the store after realizing that “our whole world is packed in plastic and that’s causing a huge problem that won’t go away any time soon.” As she learned of the harmful effects of plastic waste in the environment, she decided to change her family’s consumption habits through the inspiration of the Plastic Free July movement. Throughout her journey, she realized how difficult it was to transition to a plastic-free and zero waste lifestyle. This gave her the inspiration to identify resources to support her goal of reducing plastics in her life.  When she found how difficult those resources were to find locally, she created the store. 

    So we at Byrd’s Filling Station want to share tips for a more sustainable way of life.  It isn’t crucial that you clean up every piece of plastic immediately, and we can all make big changes through lots of little steps.  Here's how to start your plastic-free journey: 

    Step 1: Use Up Existing Products

    Don’t throw away your current plastics. Use them up first, then dispose of them responsibly. It can be tempting to immediately throw away any plastics you have in your home when you start your journey, but you don’t necessarily have to! 

    Throwing everything away would not only be wasteful, but it would cost you money you’ve already spent. So use up what you already have, remember to switch to plastic-free alternatives when you run out, refill what containers you can reuse, and properly dispose of your plastics in the recycling. 

    Step 2: Recon Mission

    We understand the urgency of addressing the plastic pollution crisis and recognize the pivotal role that businesses play in driving meaningful change. That's why we are dedicated to providing a convenient and accessible way for consumers and businesses, alike, to ditch plastics and embrace a healthier lifestyle. With our carefully curated selection of plastic-free alternatives and refillable options, we aim to empower individuals to make impactful choices for the planet without sacrificing convenience. 

    We highly recommend taking a first trip to our store just to browse our selection and determine what items you want to invest in and what products you’d like to start refilling. Before you dive right into the world of zero waste, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your options. A great place to start is by reviewing our website filled with eco-friendly products, tips, and guides!

    Step 3: Start Small

    Replace one product at a time instead of replacing everything all at once. Making changes to your lifestyle will take time and if you start all at once you might feel overwhelmed. We have lots of recommendations in our store, so if you don’t know where you want to start, come give us a visit and we are more than happy to give you some advice! Our friendly staff can answer just about any question you throw our way.

    Step 4: Refill Existing Containers

    If you already have a spice container, why buy a totally new one instead of refilling into the existing one? There are so many things you can refill if you choose to shop with us ranging from soaps, grains, nuts, pastas, face care, dairy, and oils.

    Our shopping model is a revitalization in how consumers approach grocery shopping. Going back to the way “it used to be” of buying what you need when you need it in your own containers. By offering a wide range of bulk goods and encouraging the use of reusable containers, we have effectively provided a sustainable alternative to the traditional, packaging-heavy shopping experience.

    Step 5: Have Patience With Yourself! 

    It may seem impossible to completely avoid plastic, but taking the time and effort to start is what is truly admirable. Even the people who live zero waste now started somewhere, so start today! We will be here to support you through your zero waste journey :)

    Customers like Jennifer Dirking have already experienced the benefits of this innovative shopping model: "Grocery shopping simplified! We are so lucky to live near a deluxe bulk store, Byrd’s Filling Station in San Mateo, California. We can get groceries without paying for plastic packaging—much better for our health and the planet’s. I can break up with plastic overnight!”

    Step 6: Spread The Word! 

    Habits are hard to change, but we feel more motivated to change when we are doing it together. Encourage your family and friends to join in on your sustainable journey and bring them to the Byrd’s Filling Station store to learn more! You can also involve your kids in the process by having them come and refill their favorite snacks. If you teach your kids sustainable habits now, it’ll make it easier for them in the future!

    Customer excitement and positive reactions to the store have been overwhelming since our opening. Many shoppers have expressed delight at the store's welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and extensive selection of eco-friendly products. Community members have found themselves inspired by the store's commitment to sustainability and feel empowered to make positive changes in their own lives. Whether it's the joy of discovering a new plastic-free alternative or the satisfaction of knowing they're supporting a local, woman-owned business, patrons consistently rave about their experiences at Byrd's Filling Station.

    We at Byrd's Filling Station are poised to expand the stores influence and continue to serve as a beacon for sustainable living. We invite YOU, the parental community, to join in our mission to eliminate waste and make sustainable shopping accessible to all. Whether you're a seasoned environmental advocate or someone exploring eco-conscious living for the first time, we invite you to join our community and discover the joy of shopping with purpose. 

    For more information about Byrd's Filling Station and its initiatives, please visit

    Thank you to Byrd's Filling Station for preparing this blog post!

    Contact Information:

    Byrd's Filling Station at 219 South San Mateo Dr., San Mateo CA 94401


    Phone: (650) 242-1976


    FB/IG/TT: byrdsfillingstation

  • 1 Jun 2024 9:32 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Like so many families in the Bay Area today, my husband and I are not from here. I joined the San Mateo Parents Club when my first son was born in 2017, and my first play date with him was holding his wee body in my arms at Fiero Coffee the day my mom flew home after her time here for postpartum support. I ended up volunteering as his playgroup coordinator, joining the Board, and as some of you know, served as President for a couple years. The parents and kids from my son’s and daughters’ play groups are still a huge part of our lives today.

    This same desire to build community is what helped our family choose a parent-participation preschool, otherwise known as a co-op. I’m not going to lie, when I first heard the enthusiasm parents had for their co-op preschools, I was a bit skeptical. It sounded like a lot of work, and with a plan to have at least two or three children in quick succession, I didn’t know if a school that required my presence one morning a week would be the right fit. 

    Then I went to an Open House at San Mateo Parents Nursery School and another parent from the SMPC was there, an Occupational Therapist whose perspectives on play-based, early childhood experiences and freedom of movement and choice mirrored my own as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Hearing her gush about the evidence-base behind the preschool was a good start, but it was the sincere joy and friendships I saw between the teachers, parents, and kids that moved my husband and I the most. 

    As we left the event, I asked my husband what he thought, and he told me that community building through our preschool felt like the right choice. Both moms AND dads were involved in the Board and co-oping, and the teachers had all been parents whose children had attended as well. It seemed like SMPNS was more than just a preschool; it felt like an institution that we would be lucky to be a part of.

    In 2023 I became President of the Board of SMPNS. The 2023-2024 school year also marked SMPNS’s 75th anniversary, and I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support alumni families have for the school. I was fortunate to meet former directors, teachers, and parents whose children are now parents of children who attend with my children, and the legacy of love, equality, and inclusion they all describe is part of the DNA of the program. 

    In case you missed the SMPC Play Date SMPNS had the pleasure of hosting at the beginning of May, I’d love to take a moment to share a few of the key principles that guide SMPNS and have made it such a truly special program for the past 75 years. 

    • Children are Free to Be – Children explore their autonomy through play at SMPNS. They are able to move from activity to activity as they choose. This is a foundational tenant of the program because it allows a child to deep-dive when they are curious or engaged in an activity and also navigate entering and exiting activities with peers. Developing independence in the preschool years includes learning to self-soothe, learning to separate, learning to serve themselves food, learning to take care of their bowel and bladder needs, and SMPNS has structured its program around meeting children where they are with the goal of supporting them as they develop these skills.

    • Minimal structure: There are three core activities during a preschool morning: snack, story time, and show and tell. The rest of the morning is devoted to curated activities set up by teachers and facilitated by parents who co-op. The large group activities are when children develop their classroom expectations for kindergarten and participate in question and answer moments that also support cognitive-communication. Not all children thrive in an unstructured program, and that’s why children are also welcome to tour the school to see if they find the environment joyful or overwhelming. 

    • Child-centered themes: Some children come to SMPNS already passionate about topics and activities, whether it be in the realm of non-fiction (rockets, fire trucks, trains, dinosaurs, bugs, languages, gemstones) or fiction (princesses, storytelling, art, playing house), and teachers have many of these topics and play schemas available daily.


    • Holistic learning: Early literacy and spatial awareness activities, (e.g. magnetic tiles, puzzles), are available every day, but you’ll never find a worksheet. Children conduct experiments with objects and practice reading and writing through open-ended activities, in the form of a love note home or with an activity that appeals to their creative expression, without an emphasis on accuracy. There are also ample opportunities for fine-motor and gross-motor development, music & movement, and sensory exploration every day, which allow children to develop self-regulation skills and seek out activities that fill their own unique buckets. 

    • Social-emotional development: SMPNS focuses on conflict resolution and helping children learn to navigate problem solving with the goals of independence and empathy. Children are guided to respect each other and collaborate with peers. Parents often say this is not only one of the best things they learn that supports their children at home, but many parents receive feedback from their child’s elementary school teachers about how self-aware of their feelings and needs their children are, and they are impressed by their independent ability to advocate for themselves and be kind to others. 

    • Learning from others: Children learn from each other during show and tell and during unstructured play. Parents learn from teachers as they watch the teachers support a child whether he is struggling or excited and during several Parent Ed events during the year. Teachers learn from teachers as they attend conferences, are inspired by recent publications and activities, or share their unique gifts – whether it is making up songs, leaning into thirty years of stories to tell, or facilitating silkworms every year. Parents learn from children when they put aside their own desire to direct play and learn how to watch children engage with each other and discover the unique needs of their own little ones in the context of a broader community.

    • Fresh eyes of a child: Children are respected for their curiosity about the world around them. Teachers understand that they are often showing them something they may have never known existed. One of our afternoon teachers is an arachnid hobbyist, and she takes every opportunity she can at storytime and through hands-on activities to pique their curiosity, amazement, and wonder about nature. 

    These same curriculum choices are not unique to SMPNS; in fact, most parent-participation co-op nursery schools are play-based and follow these general philosophies. There are several such preschools in our area with varying levels of participation requirements and scheduling options. If you are interested in partnering in your child’s early education and would love to learn more, I highly encourage you to explore this unique model by visiting as many programs as you can to find the one that fits your family’s needs. Several co-op schools attend the SMPC preschool fair in the fall, which is a great opportunity to feel out a school’s vibe and meet the leadership team. 

    I appreciate you taking the time to allow me to share the magic of SMPNS. We look forward to many more decades of playing, growing, learning, and loving together in San Mateo. 

    Rachel Kammeyer - San Mateo Parents Nursery School President

    SMPNS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-run organization. We provide flexible scheduling options (a.m. only/all-day programs) and accept children who are 2.5-5 years old in a mixed-age setting. Plan to skip TK? We’d love to support your child’s journey as a 4-5 year old!

  • 30 May 2024 10:12 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  • 8 May 2024 8:29 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Now that the weather is warmer and rainy weekends are less likely, it is a great time to turn off the screens and spend more time outside.  Getting outside is a win-win for the whole family.  Young kids in particular are fascinated by the natural world – a toddler can spend an entire morning playing with mud and rocks, picking flowers and stomping on puddles, and listening to the sounds of birds and insects.  For the adults, getting outside and engaging in physical activity can improve both physical and mental health.  We are constantly facing stresses in life, whether it’s the unexpected or irregular (busy week at work, travel) or the daily challenges (long commutes, endless errands), and we all need a break from the chaos and overstimulation.  Going for a walk or hike is a way to get our blood pumping and soothe our minds.  

    Looking for ideas of where to go?  Here are a few excellent options in the area where you and your family can enjoy nature together.

    Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve

    10 Old Stagecoach Rd., Redwood City, CA 94062

    Edgewood Park is known for its wildflowers each spring.  But even in other seasons, this enormous park (467 acres) has a great selection of hiking trails, along with educational offerings and picnic areas.  The trail systems (10 miles total) can be found here: The Old Stage Road trail is a personal favorite:  the moment when you emerge from the dense shaded canopy and catch sight of the expansive rolling grasslands is dramatic and memorable.

    Coyote Point Recreation Area

    1701 Coyote Point Dr., San Mateo, CA 94401

    If you have young kids, the main attraction in this area is CuriOdyssey, a science museum and zoo (fee required for admission).  Combine it with a brisk walk through the easy trails in the park areas, and you have an enjoyable way to spend the morning that both recharges the parents as well as stimulates (and then tires out) the kids!  The trail system includes:  a segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail, the Bluff Trail that takes you through an Eucalyptus grove, and the Promenade Trail that provides a calming view of the Bay and beach area.  Note that there is a vehicle entry fee to visit.


    86 Canada Road, Woodside, CA 94062

    Filoli is an enormous and beautiful estate, with a 54,000+ square-foot historical mansion that is open for exploring, 16 acres of lush gardens to wander through, an orchard that is particularly fun to visit when apples are in season and absolutely everywhere, and a 1-mile Estate Trail that is perfect for a brisk stroll for those who desire to be active.  Special events take advantage of the seasons – such as Summer Nights when you can catch twilight garden views, and Holidays at Filoli when the house and gardens are bursting with holiday decorations.  No need to wait for a special event to go; on any ordinary day, it is easy to meander around the grounds, step back in time, and be lost in one’s thoughts.  Note that tickets are required to be purchased for entry.

    Laurelwood/Sugarloaf Park

    3471 Glendora Dr., San Mateo, CA 94403

    This 225-acre green giant, the city's largest park, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Hike or bike along serene trails that wind through diverse landscapes, eventually leading you to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain for breathtaking panoramic views. For a relaxing afternoon, sprawl out on a scenic picnic spot or enjoy quality family time at the playground.

    Crystal Springs Regional Trail

    950 Skyline Blvd., Burlingame, CA 94010

    Lace up your walking shoes or hop on your bike for a scenic adventure on the Crystal Springs Regional Trail. This paved pathway stretches 15.3 miles (with more to come!) from San Bruno to Woodside, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle.

    Whether you're a seasoned runner, a family with young children, or an equestrian enjoying a leisurely ride, the Crystal Springs Trail caters to all ages and abilities. Walk alongside sparkling reservoirs, soak in stunning views, and breathe in the fresh air. 

    *Please note that dogs and other pets are not allowed on the trail.

    Burlingame to Redwood Shores Bay Trail 

    This scenic 15-mile route offers continuous shoreline paths. Start in Burlingame at Anza Lagoon and keep your eyes peeled for airplanes landing at nearby SFO as you follow the trail through Coyote Point Recreation Area. In San Mateo, explore Ryder Park's tidal wetlands.

    For furry friends, Seal Point Park boasts the biggest dog park in the city, offering a perfect break for your pup to run leash-free (remember to clean up after them!). Afterward, take in the expansive bay views and public art at Seal Point Park. Across an elegant 105-foot bicycle/pedestrian bridge over San Mateo Creek is the park. South of the park, the Bay Marshes boardwalk extends from the trail with views of the mudflats.

    The trail then winds through Foster City, passing under the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge and offering glimpses of marshes and mudflats. In Redwood Shores, enjoy Island Park's tranquility and continue to the Redwood Shores Ecological Reserve.

    A final tip to make it easier for you to enjoy the great outdoors:  Use your library card to borrow a California State Library Parks Pass and rent a backpack kit - check out the offerings here:

  • 1 May 2024 4:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wizard of Oz with SF Symphony – San Francisco, May 1

    Hello from Japan at CDM – San Jose, May 1-31

    Kids Night Out– Redwood City, May 3,10

    The Crimson Pirate by Fantasy Forum – Walnut Creek, May 2-4

    Free Telescope Viewing – Oakland, May 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31

    Natural Science Days at Gilroy Gardens – Gilroy, May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

    Pippin – San Jose, May 3-12

    Friday Nights at OMCA – Oakland, May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

    Penguins and Pajamas Sleepovers at Cal Academy – San Francisco, May 3, 24

    de Youngsters Day Out – San Francisco, May 4

    Free Community Day at SFMOMA – San Francisco, May 4

    May Fete Parade and Fair – Palo Alto, May 4

    Birding at Vasona – Los Gatos May 4

    Tote Bag Painting Workshop! – Foster City, May 4

    2024 Hike for Hope – Livermore, May 4

    San Ramon Children’s Maker’s Market – San Ramon , May 4

    Star Wars: Mystical Creatures! – Livermore, May 4

    Veterinary Hospital Tours at the Oakland Zoo – Oakland, May 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 29

    2024 Japantown Children's Day Festival – SF, May 4

    Family Day at Berkeley Public Library – Berkley, May 4

    Film with Live Orchestra: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back – SF, May 2-4

    Free Comic Book Day 2024 – Various locations, May 4

    Home Depot Kids Workshop – Various location bay area, May 4

    Fashioning San Francisco: A Century of Style – SF – Now – Aug 11

    Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Hillsdale Mall – San Mateo, May 4

    Big Art Weekend at Bay Area Discovery Museum – Sausalito, May 4-5

    Gelato bar making & succulent planting La Scuola 5/5/2024 | Eataly – San Jose, May 5

    Coastal Wildflower Day Festival – Half Moon Bay, May 5

    Santa Cruz Mushroom Mountain Festival – Felton, May 4-5

    Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir All-Youth Spring Concert – Oakland, May 10

    Winnie the Pooh by Pleasanton Youth Theater Company – Pleasanton, May 10, 11

    The Stanford Powwow – Stanford, May 10-12

    Family Day at Institute of Contemporary Art – San Francisco, May 11

    Kids Night at the Museum – Santa Rosa, May 11

    Roundtable Reading – Berkeley, May 11

    Snake Storytime – Los Gatos, May 11

    Second Sundays for Families with SFMOMA – San Francisco, May 12

    Stanford Powwow – Stanford, May 12-14

    Marine Science Sundays – Sausalito, May 12, 26

    Zoo Kids – Oakland, May 11, 18

    Parkfest - Castro Valley, May 11

    Family Festival: Scout-O-Rama – San Jose, May 11

    The Princess and the Pea – Mountain View, May 11-12

    Mill Valley Music Festival – Mill Valley,  May 11-12

    Kids Art Class at Magical Bridge Playground – Redwood City, May 11.25

    BikeAbouts at the SF Zoo – SF, May 12

    Second Sunday: Family – SF, May 12

    83rd Annual Mother's Day Rose Show – SF, May 12

    Youth Art Exhibition – San Francisco, May 14

    Reading with Dogs at Pup Plaza – San Jose, May 16-19

    The Marshmallow Incident – San Jose, May 17-26

    Contra Costa County Fair – Antioch, May 16-19

    Sundown Cinema – SF, May 17

    San Carlos Hometown Days – San Carlos, May 17-19

    Jurassic Quest – San Jose, May 17-27

    Brunch for the Wild Bunch at Oakland Zoo – Oakland, May 18

    Skyjam Family Festival – Richmond, May 18

    Asian American and Pacific Islander Festival – San Jose, May 18

    Seaside Storytime – Santa Cruz, May 18

    Model Railroad Show – Walnut Creek, May 18-19

    Cinderella by New Ballet – San Jose, May 18-19

    Cal Sailing Open House – Berkeley, May 19

    Woofstock 2024 – Novato, May 19

    INSECTPALOOZA - The Art and Magical Science of Arthropods – Sf, May 19

    The Reading Bug's First Annual AAPI Festival – San Carlos, May 18-19

    33rd Bay Area KidFest – Concord, May 25-27

    Encanto with SF Symphony – San Francisco, May 24, 25

    Magic with Brian Scott – Dublin, May 25

    Family Tour at de Young Museum – San Francisco, May 25

    Art & Wind Festival – San Ramon, May 26, 27

    Museum Mondays for Little Ones – Santa Rosa, May 27

    Family Art Making – San Francisco, May 28

  • 1 Apr 2024 8:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    National Library Week: First observed in 1958, this national celebration, sponsored by the American Library Association, occurs each April.  For 2024, National Library Week is April 7-13.

    During this week, the San Mateo Public Library Foundation is spotlighting the programming that the San Mateo Public Library offers. Among the various activities, there are quite a few kid- and family-friendly ones. Any time during the week, go on a self-paced scavenger hunt that involves visiting all three branches of the San Mateo Public Library (with a chance to win gift cards for complete and accurate submissions). On April 7, you can take your pre-K and early elementary school children to a lively concert featuring the Grammy-winning music duo 123 Andrés. And on April 13, bring the whole family to check out all the library-related programming and performances at a festival in San Mateo’s Central Park. More details can be found here:

    After the week is over, visit the San Mateo Public Library to take advantage of its regular offerings.  Did you know that you could:

    ·       Attend book clubs and other meetups, as well as storytimes (including baby, toddler, family, and many more)

    ·       Take your kids to watch movies (including after school movie clubs and Saturday morning cartoons)

    ·       Sign up for crafting and other classes (where you can learn how to make things such as miniature book charms and origami boxes)

    ·       Borrow a California State Parks Pass and equipment (backpack kit and child carrier backpack kit)

    ·       Get assistance with your computer or electronic device from Tech Help

    ·       Use or borrow various equipment, such as sewing machines, induction stove kits, portable photo studios, and lots more

    ·       Reserve museum passes through Discover and Go

    All of this is available for free, as long as you have a library card!

  • 1 Apr 2024 9:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Free First Tuesday at the Conservatory of Flowers - San Francisco, April 2

    Disney Cats & Dogs - San Francisco, April 2 – June 2

    Free Admission at the SF Japanese Tea Garden - San Francisco, April 1-30

    Spring in the Garden at Cal Academy - San Francisco, April 1 – 28

    Habitot Children's Museum at Bay Street – Emeryville, April 1-30

    Entwined - San Francisco, April 1 – 28

    Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Love at SF MOMA - San Francisco, April 1 – May 28

    Mr. Roboto Exhibit - San Francisco, April 1-30

    PEANUTS™ Celebration at Great America – Santa Clara, April 6-28

    Fantastical Flowers at Gilroy Gardens – Gilroy, April 1-30

    Cowabunga, Peanuts! – Santa Rosa, April 1-30

    San Rafael Spring Carnival - San Rafael, April 4-7

    Academy Day at Cal Academy - San Francisco, April 4

    First Thursday at SFMOMA - San Francisco, April 4

    Open: Art Lab - Berkley, April 4

    Mobile Recreation Rec & Roll Event – San Mateo, April 5

    Curiodyssey First Friday Nights - San Mateo, April 5

    Penguins and Pajamas Sleepovers at Cal Academy – San Francisco, April 5

    Free Telescope Viewing – Oakland, April 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

    Home Depot Kids Workshop – Bay Area, April 6

    Teen Night at SF Symphony – San Francisco, April 6

    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Film and Lunch – Napa, April 6

    Holi SplashOMania – Fremont, April 6

    Veterinary Hospital Tours at the Oakland Zoo – Oakland, April 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24

    Fun on the Farm – San Ramon, April 6, 13, 20, 27

    Family Farm Days at Slide Ranch – Muir Beach, April 6, 27

    Pickup Kickball Fun Family Friendly – San Mateo, April 7

    Spring Wildflower Hike at Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve - Redwood City, April 5-7

    San Francisco International Chocolate Salon - San Francisco, April 7

    Family Storytelling Day at the Asian Art Museum – San Francisco, April 7

    Holi Celebration at Bishop Ranch – San Ramon, April 7

    Solar Eclipse Viewing at Chabot Space & Science Center – Oakland, April 8

    Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at The Lawrence – Berkeley, April 8

    Exploratorium’s Solar Eclipse Event – San Francisco, April 8

    Solar Eclipse Viewing Party in Hauke Park – Mill Valley, April 8

    Film w/Live Orchestra: The Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings - SF, April 11-13

    School of Rock – San Jose, April 12-24

    Bohème Out of the Box – Burlingame, April 13

    Wunderlich County Park 50th Anniversary Celebration – Woodside, April 13

    Family Nature Adventures: Flowers – Oakland, April 13

    Non Stop Bhangra Holi Festival of Colors – Oakland, April 13

    Art Making for All Ages – Berkeley, April 13

    Second Saturday on the Farm – Watsonville, April 13

    Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – San Francisco, April 13-21

    Zoo Kids – Oakland, April 13,27

    Love Our Earth Festival – East Palo Alto, April 13

    8th Annual Airport Runway Run at San Carlos Airport – San Carlos, April 14

    Art for All Family Day – Stanford, April 14

    Marine Science Sundays – Sausalito, April 14, 28

    Reading with Dogs at Pup Plaza – San Jose, April 18

    Cirque du Soleil: Kooza – San Jose, April 18 – May 25

    Parents Night Out – Belomont, April 19

    The Spongebob Musical by Pleasanton Youth Theater Company – Pleasanton, April 19-28

    Finding Nemo – San Jose, April 19-28

    Bug Day 2024 at the Randall Museum - San Francisco, April 20

    Big Truck Day at Los Gatos Parent Nursery School – Los Gatos, April 20

    Earth Fest at the SF Zoo - San Francisco, April 20

    Children of the Dragon – San Jose, April 20

    Kids Night at the Museum – Santa Rosa, April 20

    The Spongebob Musical – Pleasanton, April 19-28

    Insect Discovery Lab – Mountain View, April 20

    Earth Day Celebration at The Lawrence – Berkeley, April 21

    Earth Day at Chabot Space & Science Center – Oakland, April 21

    Charity & the JAMband Family Concert – San Francisco, April 21

    Percussion Discussion – Walnut Creek, April 24-27

    We Players Presents Adventures with Alice - San Francisco, April 24-28

    Finding Nemo – Palo Alto, April 25 – May 12

    Honk – San Jose, April 25-28

    Cow Palace Spring Fair – Daly City, April 25-28

    Family Nature Day – Tiburon, April 27

    DogFest – San Francisco, April 27

    Cal Sailing Open House – Berkeley, April 27

    Recycle Right Day – San Jose, April 27

    Pacific Coast Dream Machines – Half Moon Bay, April 28

    Boardwalk Pride – Santa Cruz, April 27

    The Three Little Pigs – Palo Alto, April 27, 28

    Children's Day Celebration – Colma, April 30

  • 8 Mar 2024 12:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On March 8, 2024, people all around the world will come together to celebrate International Women's Day and honor the incredible women of the past and present. One such woman who deserves recognition is Katie Williams Hoepke, the founder of the Mothers Club. 

    Katie's passion for connecting mothers and creating supportive communities has had a lasting impact on many Bay Area families. As we continue to honor her legacy and strive toward inclusion, we are reminded of the power of friendship, support, and advice in building a strong and thriving community. 

    In 1991, Katie created a mother's club around the Bay Area. She had been part of a similar group on the East Coast, but when she moved, she couldn't find anything like it. So, she put out an ad asking for moms who wanted to join a club and eventually helped create over 30 clubs. She wrote a book called "Mother's Club, Nurturing the Nurturers," and started building a community of moms who could support each other.

    Katie discovered a sense of community, options, and opportunities by joining the Mothers Club. The club provided her with alternatives to her loneliness, challenges for her energy, and avenues for her talent and parenting education. Despite the obstacles she faced, Katie remained unwavering in her belief that the Mothers Club was a crucial concept that needed to be shared and expanded. With her determination and hard work, she authored a book and established Mothers Clubs, which now operate in many cities in the Bay Area. We are inspired by Katie's commitment to spreading the wonderfully supportive concept of the Mothers Club.

    The San Mateo Mothers Club was founded, which later became the San Mateo Parents Club (SMPC) in January 2018. The SMPC is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, and its upcoming International Women's Day campaign, "Inspire Inclusion," is a testament to this commitment. With many women serving on the board, the SMPC is well-positioned to continue thriving and achieving its goals. As the club has grown and evolved, it has become more inclusive, and we are proud to highlight the contributions of all members, including parents, caretakers, and board members. The SMPC is a vital part of the San Mateo community, and we are confident that it will continue to be so in the years to come. 

    Throughout the month, we will be showcasing the members of the board, who happen to all be women. We hope that by learning about these amazing individuals, you will gain a better understanding of the many important roles they uphold in helping the club succeed. Let us take a moment to recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their success. As we move forward, let us continue to encourage and uplift each other, while striving to promote inclusion and diversity in all that we do.

  • 8 Mar 2024 11:35 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are fortunate to have a wonderful group of members who have volunteered their time to serve on the SMPC Board.  This month, we will be highlighting a few of our Board Members by sharing their SMPC role and experiences.

    Meet Karolina Trofimov!

    Tell us a bit about yourself and your family. 

    My name is Karolina. My husband and I have a daughter, Kaiya, who just turned 5, and two Furbabies. 

    How did you get started at the San Mateo Parents Club?

    When our daughter enrolled in preschool, I had heard about the San Mateo Parents Club. One of the moms was the president of the SMPC with three kids, and I was super duper impressed. I wanted to contribute. At that point, I had just changed my career path, and I've been on the board ever since. I've been on the board for a year and a half now. I'm the social media and advertising coordinator. 

    What is your favorite SMPC event?

    I like the new member mixers; that's one of the reasons why I wanted to join the club and contribute to its mission of bringing parents of young kiddos together. Life becomes very different when you become a parent, and finding your tribe is essential. The playdates are a great resource to discuss milestones and such. I run into some of the board members and parents I've met at preschool and now at kindergarten. We are a community! The club includes both parents, moms and dads are both welcome :) It's not like a breastfeeding support group or a mom's group. We planned some dad's nights out last year, which were successful since moms wanted their partners to socialize with other local dads. 

    What is your favorite place to go with your kid?

    My top three places to go with kiddos under 5 are CuriOdyssey, a small exploratorium meets zoo; the downtown library, which has a kids' play area and also hosts kids' crafts and events; and Gilroy Gardens, a long drive but a mini amusement park.

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