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Virtual Events from Around the World

Travel to Easter Island, explore an art exhibit in New York, or experience the Magic of Harry Potter in London - all from your living room. Some of the world’s most famous museums and treasures are just one click away.

Virtual Tour of Yosemite

Explore Yosemite from your own living room with a virtual tour!

Metropolitan Museum of Arts - MetKids

MetKids is a kid-friendly way to explore New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kids can view a variety of exhibits that suit their interests.

San Diego Zoo Animal Cams

Log on to see live feeds of San Diego’s Safari Zoo animals. You can watch apes, baboons, elephants and lions, burrowing owls, and even platypuses.

Aquarium Underwater Cams

Log on and visit Winter (the dolphin that inspired the movie Dolphin Tales) and all of her friends at the Clearwater Aquarium, home to one of the US’s largest aquatic rehabilitation facilities.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - Virtual Tour

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtual tours allow visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum from their desktop or mobile device. Visitors can also access select collections and research areas at our satellite support and research stations as well as past exhibits no longer on display.

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Learn about American history through the African American lens! Our Learning Lab collections provide ways to explore well-known and lesser-known moments of history by utilizing objects, documents, imagery, and videos to enhance content knowledge, hone historical thinking skills and inspire users to see themselves as agents of change.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibit at the British Public Library

Harry Potter: A History of Magic is an exhibition of real-world magical artefacts and history presented alongside artefacts from the development of J. K. Rowling's fictional Harry Potter series.

Easter Island Virtual Tour

Easter Island, also called Rapa Nui, is the easternmost outpost of the Polynesian island world. It is famous for its giant stone statues. Come explore this unique archaeological site and it's famous moai statues.

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