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Get to Know Your Board: Dana Wu

4 Mar 2024 8:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We are fortunate to have a wonderful group of members who have volunteered their time to serve on the SMPC Board. This month, we will be highlighting a few of our Board Members by sharing their SMPC role and experiences.

Meet Dana Wu!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family. 

I'm Dana. I live with my husband, Matt, my daughter, Hannah, who’s 4 and my son, Nathan, who's 2. We live in San Mateo, near the village.

How did you get started in the San Mateo parents club?

I joined the San Mateo parents club when my daughter was four months, So right when she was born, I joined those playdates and I met some friends. 

Have you kept in touch with anybody that started around the same time you did?

The person who created our playgroup and made the playgroup. We're still friends and we now both have two around the same age. 

How did you get started on the board and what's your role?

I just joined. Went to my first meeting. It's because the events are fun for the San Mateo parents club, and I wanted to help make more events that my family & friends were going to anyway, we might as well be helping. I'm in the events team. So the three of us on the events team just met for the first time and brainstormed upcoming events for this year. 

What's your favorite event that the San Mateo Parents club has held?

The Lemos farm in the fall is very memorable and fun for the kids and the family. Also the Earth Day event, my kids really liked it. It was at the playground, we walked to it and they enjoyed that. There were some obstacle courses that she enjoyed.

Your favorite place to take your kids in the San Mateo County area? 

I like the beach. Halfmoon Bay has a lot of great beaches. During Christmas time we'll walk around the Ritz Carlton and they have a great Christmas tree that's overlooking the water. It's very beautiful. They have a huge gingerbread house inside that the kids like to look at. 

A few months ago, there was also the low tide at Maverick beach in Halfmoon Bay where you could do a lot of tide pools and that was the first time for us going there. It's a lot of walking for the kids but we walked all the way to the edge of the shore and they loved seeing all the crabs and all the sea life, the sea stars, so it was really fun.

Any closing words to the readers?

Members can reach out to me if they have questions or ideas for events that they want to see. They can always contact us at the events team and share their ideas.

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